Conversion Spaces - Montiny Home

Conversion Spaces

Tiny houses are building with small square meters,unlike the standart building type. The spaces of Tiny Houses will be allow to downsizing functions that we used and travel freely instead of staying at a fixed point. In this houses, it can be seen badly feature if the spaces are small, but a space can be alternate at a greater number of possible conversion in a space.Under favour of flexibility you can create your place.

You will get rid of unnecessary energy consumption and unnecessary clutter with the necessary arrangements you will make in your living space. The downsizing Tiny Houses and the alternation of existing spaces encourage you to focus your time and energies on other things, such as spending time in nature, being with family and friends.

Under favour of the removable feature of Tiny Houses, you can bring your home to a point where nature is intertwined, and you can perform your functions not only indoors but also outdoors.

Examples for Nested Spaces

You can create more spacious spaces by reducing the separated walls between spaces and creating additional functional furniture elements in Tiny Houses.

In the design of the Minty model, the kitchen and living area are not located independently of each other with the dividing elements for allowing the space to be more useful and spacious.

The staircase providing access to the bedroom on the mezzaninefloor also creates a storage area for kitchen tools,washing machine,oven and refrigerator,resulting in a large area gain in the space.

In the milky model,under favour of system used in the sofa(figure 3)in the sitting area,the sitting area can also be transformed into a sleeping area.