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Housing Opportunity In Your Unzoned Lands

Tiny house doesn’t have a foundation system unlike traditional houses.House has a trailer system so you can go with house whatever you want. The basis of Tiny House is not a fixed structure, but having a movable system on a trailer (figure 2), being produced within the framework of the according to highway regulations, being produced with license plate and license puts it in the status of “caravan” legally. For this reason, you can put your Tiny House on your land in the desired zoning plan without requiring a zoning permit.

Tiny House will solve your energy problem with a solar panel,and your water needs with rain water and waste water tanks.By this way,your house can be free from dependence on the land,without being in a fixed position.You can enjoy the warm weather in Çanakkale in the summer and enjoy the snow scene on your land in Uludağ in the winter.